10 Discord Server Name Ideas: The Ultimate List

What is Discord?

And it’s not like anyone on the server can start playing music. You have complete control over its permissions, i.e admin, DJ and can also queue or skip the songs. It canserve you swoon-worthy cat or dog pictures, random jokes, and important information such as the ServerID, ChannelID and more as well. If you’re looking for a capable bot that offers all the features you need to effectively manage your server, Arcane is what you should consider.


2) Robot Names – Robots are only concerned with their job. Learn how Discover.bot partner NLX is pushing the evolution of the self-service landscape with their solutions. So, use these free resources before jumping into buying premium services. Ask them how they’d feel if someone used their favorite phrase or character in his/her own business. Many small businesses took advantage of popular characters from stories and movies. It helped their businesses and they needed relatively less marketing tactics.

Typical Bot

Tokens are a typical pattern when dealing with APIs and external services . Now that you’ve seen a few different ways to handle some common Discord events, you’ll learn how to deal with errors that event handlers may raise. The bulk of this event handler looks at the message.content, checks to see if it’s equal to ’99! ‘, and responds by sending a random quote to the message’s channel if it is.

discord bot names ideas

Additionally, it allows you to share recordings, pictures, weblinks, music, and so on. People often forget the chatbot names of things they own. But, they never forget the names of brands they love. Your chatbot names need to stand out amongst competitors.

Jockie Music

Here are some new chatbot name ideas that you may want to check out as well. Now that you understand the importance of using a bot, let’s move on to our list of bot name ideas. Mr. Singh also has a passion for subjects that excite new-age customers, be it social media engagement, artificial intelligence, machine learning. He takes great pride in his learning-filled journey of adding value to the industry through consistent research, analysis, and sharing of customer-driven ideas. Whatever option you choose, you need to remember one thing – most people prefer bots with human names.

discord bot names ideas

The kind of value they bring, it’s natural for you to give them cool, cute, and creative names. If a customer knows they’re dealing with a bot, they may still be polite to it, even chatty. To help you out, here are some unique yet creative chatbot name ideas to get your creative juices flowing and choose a perfect name for your chatbot.

There’s no limit to the variety of emoji available, so make sure to explore the emoji that best match your server’s aesthetic. You could also append some adorable kaomoji to your server’s name also. From cute polar bears to hearts and sparkles, there are all sorts of kaomoji out there to add to your server. I wonder there’s any good names on ip address lookups. Da Vinci surgical system with its four robotic arms is a real-life rockstar. The machine performs operations that are minimally invasive and is operated by a surgeon through a console.

  • Sharing knowledge through Champw is my dream project.
  • This will help people remember your bot name easily.
  • Create_channel() is also decorated with a Check called has_role().
  • Hi, myself Arun Verma.Thank you for reading my article.
  • For example, let’s say you’re managing a new Discord guild and a user joins for the very first time.

There are also side hustles in which you can participate to boost your shack. All in all, if you are into economy Discord bots then you will simply love TacoShack. The more customers you have, the better will be your income. You can use the income to run advertisements, to decorate your shack and make it more appealing to your customers, and much more.

Badass Robot Names

A Bot is a subclass of Client that adds a little bit of extra functionality that is useful when you’re creating bot users. For example, a Bot can handle events and commands, invoke validation checks, and more. The practice of naming transcends discord bot names ideas geographies, cultures and time. As far as history dates back, humans have named everything, from mountains to other fellow humans. A name creates an emotional bond by establishing identity and powerful associations in the mind.

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How to Make a Discord Bot.

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Using ctx.send() can send messages into the chat, but you can do lots of things with the context variable to interact with the chatroom. Submit the initial form, which gives us an idea of who all are here. All the forms we’re taking will be for internally tracking how we can improve our content and giving you personalized responses. We might even make some fun visualizations in the end.

Don’t pick a name that limits your business growth

If you loved Mudae then you are absolutely going to be hooked with Karuta. It has more than 70,000 anime characters where you can earn and collect cards and burn them on more collectibles. Other than that, Dank Memer has its own currency system which is really funny and also rewarding at the same. As I said above, there is stealing, gambling, and bank robbing which you can customize within the server. It’s also good practice to capitalize every first letter of each word if you have a long username so that other people can read it clearly.

If it says 2.x, then you will have to use python3 scriptname.py and pip3; otherwise, you’ll end up using older versions of stuff. You should finish this part before the workshop, but don’t worry if you’re not done since we’re recording everything. All the material is available as text on the website as well.

discord bot names ideas

It also supports hunting and adventure which I am sure many are looking for. It’s easier for businesses to program a chatbot to follow logical conversation flows when they can direct their customers with set responses. This is why you may see several pre-set answers discord bot names ideas in the form of buttons when you engage with some chatbots. For example, say you were chatting with a bot and trying to find a gift for your child. For all of the good chatbots have brought to businesses in recent years, they are still far from foolproof.

discord bot names ideas

Instead of using the normal base class, client is an instance of CustomClient, which has an overridden on_ready() function. A guild (or a server, as it is often called in Discord’s user interface) is a specific group of channels where users congregate to chat. For example, let’s say you’re managing a new Discord guild and a user joins for the very first time. Excited, you may personally reach out to that user and welcome them to your community. You might also tell them about your channels or ask them to introduce themselves.

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Not everyone can run and maintain a server so if all else fails, you can always delete your server and try again another time. Try to familiarize yourself with the basics like setting up text and voice channels. Track team attendance and leave in real-time from Slack. Browse through 47 of the best HR bots and find the right one for you. Absolutely not, the only thing you need to do is import your data into the system, the rest is done automatically. MetaDialog has been a tremendous help to our team, It’s saving our customers 3600 hours per month with instant answers.

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